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The Chicago Classic was originally developed by the Chicago Rebels Swing Dance Club, Chicago's first West Coast Swing Club.  The event was originally billed as a "Rising Star" competition, encouraging new dancers to come out and compete.  Within a short time, the event achieved NASDE status and was part of the national circuit until 2001.  After 911, the owners decided to retire the event for various reasons.

In 2006, Jim Becker (Chicago XDance) and Nancy N. Tuzzolino (Chicago Rebels Swing Dance Club) joined forces and decided to bring back "The Classic" to Chicago.  While there have been several successful WCS events that have come onto the scene in the Midwest in the last several years, Jim and Nancy wanted to bring back an event that had the potential to once again become a national event.

The two formed a new corporation, The Chicago Swing Dance Foundation, and began working on The Chicago Classic.  Having been to numerous events over the years as both social dancers and competitors, Becker & Tuzzolino acquired a great deal of knowledge that has been invaluable in building The Chicago Classic.

The Chicago Classic is also a member of the Masters Tour (routines for competitors 50+).   It is also a member of the World Swing Dance Council and, as of 2011, a member of the NASDE Tour

As part of the NASDE Tour, competitors in Classic, Showcase, Champion Strictly Swing and Champion Jack & Jill, earn points that go toward their national standings and the top points earners from the Tour will win cash prizes totalling $24,000 (for 2013).  The NASDE Tour also awards points and prizes to competitors in the Non-Pro/All Star/Advanced Jack & Jill division.  

The Chicago Classic's mission is to promote and showcase West Coast Swing.  Our event is designed to be equally appealing to the social dancer as well as top level competitors from all over the world.  We offer a variety of competitions, providing competitive opportunities for dancers of all levels and ages.

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The Chicago Classic is a member of the World Swing Dance Council.